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What we do:
  • Bank Marketing - We help Banks!
  • Community Marketing - We support business communities.
  • Legal Industry Marketing - We help the Legal Industry to do better Marketing.
  • Soccer Marketing - Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the United States.
  • We support Small Businesses - Even with free services.

Small Business Marketing

We help small businesses to do better marketing and better represent themselves to their potential clients. Like big companies, you want to see some return for your investment. Talk to us, we can show you how you can improve sales and business development with the right marketing.

Community Marketing

The power is in the group. We offer groups and any type of community the opportunity to power up their marketing and maximize visibility. Community marketing is perfect for fundraising for non-profits and other groups of public interest.

Bank Marketing

Banks are providing a valuable service for everyone, for businesses as much as for the average consumer out there. Reading the news on a daily basis reflects a bad picture on banks and the financial industry. Currently, the public would rather avoid dealing with a bank, if there is any chance to avoid it. We can help banks to improve PR and Marketing, and much more important, business development and sales.

Legal Industry Marketing – Marketing and Business Development support for Law Firms of all sizes.

The legal industry has experienced an incredible change regarding marketing and business development over the past ten years. Over are the times when business development was done by sitting close to the phone awaiting a buddy to call with the next job. With the growth of the internet, people and corporate have much more opportunity to find legal representation, for all practice areas. Many jobs will be distributed based on simple internet research. We help Law Firms to be present when legal services are needed. Hint: A website is not enough.

Soccer Marketing

Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the United States. A business connection to the sport, can open incredible opportunities for your business, especially if you have international representation.

We help soccer clubs in the U.S. to increase and improve their marketing activities with an incredible fast growing number of supporters. and offer a club’s business clients business opportunities on an international platform.

Other industries - Other no less important areas we cover

From the Maxus1.com Blog - The Main Street Analyst & Soccer is Life!:
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A question the big players might ask themselves - Am I too big to work with a small marketing firm?

The answer first, you are not. At first sight it might look a little tight, but you won't believe the power coming out of such partnerships. The idea of marketing is to catch attention for your brand, product or service. Think of it, you had a smile on your face when you saw the picture to the left. Think of the attention the driver will get when he actually sits in this car. Marketing is about getting attention for what you have or what you sell. Small things can come with lots of creativity, for many reasons. And, in a tight market you get around the corners more quick, no matter how big you are.
Clearly, a small car, but you never know what's under the hood...read more

Maxus1.com, The Main Street Analyst & Soccer is life on Social Media

Read first. It is not as bad as you might think.