Bank Marketing

Bank Marketing these days is as interesting as it always was. Offerings such as "Free Checking, Free Business Checking, Special Customer Service and other promises are the usual advertisements banks display for years and decades. If you walk down the street where the banks are usually located, you will see the same approach at every bank. Taking the logo off the store front, one could think it is all the same bank.

While banks are fighting for decades with a "reserved" public opinion, since the financial crisis with he terrible impact on the economy, banks are facing increasing negative public opinion and more anger than ever before. Plus, almost daily news about the bad financial shape of the biggest organizations in the industry, opens the door for more bad publicity. Banks these days, are far away from being well respected organizations in the public opinion. The best compliment banks can get these days is being conservative. On whether this is a compliment in a fast paced business world with ever changing dynamics and new services coming out very day, is debatable. is successfully helping banks to approach these problems and solve them. While banks won't accomplish popularity like Apple over night, our concept is helping banks to improve PR, marketing and business development efforts.

While quarterly financial reports are still the major way to measure a banks success, internally market share is the key. Since years the banks are chasing each other in a circle and are trying to acquire each others customers. Hordes of Business Development Officers and Relationship Managers are fighting windmills in their efforts to find new business. While it becomes more and more visible that banks now slowly start to grow from within, the new business development farce is still going on. Expenses to grow market share are skyrocketing and the ROI on these efforts is low. is helping banks to increase their market share in their market and footprint with connecting and endorse banks to hundred thousands of businesses, their owners and employees. The ROI on this program is beating every traditional business development and market share increase effort.

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