Brand Marketing

Wouldn’t you like to have brand recognition like Apple, Google and a few other popular companies out there? Would you be happy to have brand recognition like a bank? Probably not.

Many people believe brand marketing is for the big shots only. Wrong. Apple and Google are world players and to establish their brand it certainly takes more than just time and money. You might just be a local or regional player, and you don't want and can't do more. There is no problem with that. However, in that local or regional market you can have a brand. It is in no way as much effort as you might think.

You might not believe that brand marketing has a lot of influence on your business. Well, it actually can have a lot of influence, if you take the time to think about it. Here is an example: Yahoo is in the news these days to be sold. This company has a certain business value. But alone the name and brand 'Yahoo" has a value as well. If you at one point want or have to sell your business, your brand can add incredible value and bring in an extra premium.

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