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With 10,000's of connections across the board, Ilana Eberson is one of the most influential business connectors. And that counts not only for a local New York City level. Ilana's influence is reaching around the globe's small business world.

As business owner's we all need to network and be connected. It is important to be connected with leaders that can lead us in the right direction when we need it. Today's business world, not only the big business world, is getting bigger and bigger. Small businesses can reach clients and customers around the globe and we all need advice on how to proceed when the question comes up. Ilana is the person to go. You have questions, she has answers.

Check to the left for past and upcoming events in New york City and other business communities. Events are mostly FREE and can be of incredible value for you and your business.

For all events businesses and sponsors have the opportunity to exhibit their products and services. Contact Ilana for more information regarding vendor tables and other opportunities.


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