Promotion, Marketing, Partnerships, Business Development,Consulting, Advice and more for your Business and YOU.

I offer my experience, skills and my network resources for business of all size. My business experience and skills are the result of over 30 years in business, in different industries. During my time in business I have successfully switched industries five times. Business, commercial and international banking, technology, hospitality, professional services, media and media research are industries I find my way around. I have managed businesses in a general manager position and have managed groups from 3 to 250 people in fast paced environments. Due to my changing of industries, I have learned on how to use transferable skills immediately and effectively.

It is my intention to offer my service for free. That usually sounds suspicious to many people. The very good reason for that is, my main "job" is to find "The" job of a lifetime. Searching for "a" job is difficult enough these days, it is much more difficult to find the best job out there. My strategy is not to send one resume after the other to people that want to see it or not, I am trying to catch attention by doing things. While doing things as a volunteer to help others, I do run into opportunities that actually pay me.

There are different projects I currently run. For example, I have a marketing and promotional project featuring the comeback of the New York Cosmos. This project is completely run by myself and is completely unpaid. I have no affiliation with the club, I have only informed the New York Cosmos about what I do. My goal is to run a successful campaign for the New York Cosmos and use the accomplishments in my resume. Whether the Cosmos are using what I have developed and discovered, is up to their decision makers. You can read more about this campaign here or go to

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