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Conative Business, Inc. (CBI) is the leading Website and Internet Marketing firm in New York City. Provided services include:
  • High-end websites
  • Advanced ecommerce
  • Search "Engine OIptimization (SEO)
  • Internet Marketing
  • Web Security
CBI is not only producing the most effective websites in regards to your marketing and business development purposes, but also websites with an appropriate appearance and representation of your business on the web. Take a look at the examples below.

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My website was superbly done. Not only is it easy to navigate and well-organized, but in a few weeks it has already resulted in more hits and questions than I've had in several years. The layout is both simple and elegant, making it easy for me to edit and easy for users to find their way around. Conative Business has done far better than any others I have ever looked at. I can't recommend them highly enough. Hats off to Conative

Michael Fossel, MD, Ph.D. Michigan State University

Ongoing information for clients and potential clients:

15 common questions about Search Engine Optimization

1. What keyword research tools do you use?

We use both Keyword Discovery and Google Keyword Suggestion Tool.

2. How many keywords do you often optimize within a SEO project?

Based on both the budget and size of the project it varies. For small projects we usually optimize 20-30 keywords, but in bigger projects, we optimize hundreds or thousands of different search terms. ...Read the entire report

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"Conative" is a unique word in the English vocabulary with an extremely specialized meaning. An adjective related to the act or activity of Conation, according to, conative means"The aspect of mental processes or behavior directed toward action or change and including impulse, desire, volition, and striving". At Conative Business Inc, we rigorously pursue our dream: to create successful Web solutions for our clients, featuring simple, elegant, impressive and functional design styles that will make your website distinct from the billions of websites on the Internet.


The logo, which features ten light wings expanding in a fan shape, signifies a brand that expands, shines, and finds new audiences. The ten "wings" stay side-by-side to represent our dedication to friendship and collaboration, which we believe always achieve much greater results than purely individual efforts. is proud to enter a partnership with Conative Business, Inc., its people and help develop satisfied clients in all industries.

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  • Business Consulting and Professional Services
  • Ecommerce
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  • Networking groups
  • Restaurants
  • Health & Beauty
  • Ecommerce sites        
  • Online communities