New York Cosmos

I decided to put a lot of effort in this campaign, for a few reasons:
  1. I am a soccer fan and played, coached and advised on soccer all my life. For me, Soccer is life!
  2. The New York Cosmos are the most known soccer club in the United States. While they currently are not playing the Major League Soccer (MLS), I decided that a club with such a history, legacy and opportunity for U.S. soccer must come back into the league. I am not only trying to catch votes with my campaign, I will also try to lay out what the opportunity is, for Cosmos, the MLS and U.S. soccer in general. Who knows, with shaking the trees in the soccer world, I might run into a great opportunity.
  3. With creating and executing a campaign such as this, I can demonstrate my ability to move things. I will use this in my search for "THE" job that can give me the job satisfaction I am looking for in a job.
  4. I am not affiliated with the Cosmos, I only have them informed of what I am doing, and can therefore take a few steps ahead, while the Cosmos due to their plan and need to take things slower, can't press ahead. I can demonstrate the opportunity, as a fan, and clearly make a case in all directions, which I intent to do.

I am deeply convinced that the Cosmos are a great opportunity, not only for U.S. soccer and the big business world, but also for the small and medium sized business world of New York City and surroundings. There are multiple reasons for that. New York City is a multicultural melting pot. Every ethnic group has a more or less big representation and strives to succeed. The Cosmos are the host of the biggest multicultural opportunity in New York City, maybe in the world, the Cosmos Copa. The Cosmos Copa is a soccer tournament that is played by the ethnic groups of New York City. It is also called the New York Soccer World Cup and is played every year. In 2011, 30 different groups have participated. This tournament has been growing over the past three years and will experience further growth with every year to come. The quality of soccer is astonishing and the popularity of the tournament will turn this event into something really big.

The New York Cosmos are a club of the borough's with origins in Queens. What is more multicultural than Queens? A soccer club that is a multicultural institution  in itself, has an incredible "breeding ground" in New York City and its borough's. While in Manhattan the interest in soccer might be somewhere between 10-20%, in Queens that number will probably be well above 75%. That alone could give the Cosmos the biggest army of supporters in U.S. club soccer and the business world and incredible opportunity to market.

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The New York Cosmos put U.S. soccer on the world stage in the 1970s. For those who are old enough to remember, soccer exploded in the United States when Pele, Beckenbauer, Chinaglia and many other international superstars joined the Cosmos in New York City, stunning an American audience and the American sports world.

Since then, soccer grew into a sport played by millions of kids across the country, and U.S. teams became serious contenders in international competition in all age groups and for men and women alike, but Cosmos hasn’t had a team since 1985. The New York Cosmos is now making a comeback and on its way to becoming an expansion team in the MLS. Still infused with flair, fabulousness and the promise of greatness, the club has lost none of its international name recognition or the ability to rally masses around the world, more than any other sports team in the United States. The Cosmos could take club soccer in the United States into its rightful future.

The New York Cosmos is without a doubt the most well known U.S. soccer club in the world. It’s the only club with an international reputation beyond the CONCACAF. This is my personal opinion, but it is shared by many foreign experts in the sport.   While in some cases the MLS has not been popular, and neither has Cosmos, the name “Cosmos” made people talk about American soccer.  Even people with no interest in soccer recognize the New York Cosmos and associate the name with "good times in soccer."

I don’t intend to talk down the other clubs in the MLS or the MLS itself, but it is a fact that plays an important role in the history of the Cosmos.  The club created a significant "buzz" when it first came about and much of that excitement is still around.  Many experts even say that without Cosmos, there would be no U.S. soccer today.  Whether that is true or not doesn't really matter, the fact is the New York Cosmos still has that "buzz", and that is a buzz that could be put to good use by all in U.S. soccer, and should.

Some say that the Cosmos should not come back doing the same stuff it did in the  1970s with buying all the world stars out there. That will not happen; the rules and structure of the MLS take care of that.  As Commissioner Garber said, “they will have to play by our rules.” The Cosmos have already agreed.

The number of articles and the newspapers publishing them confirm that the Cosmos is still exciting.  Not all the reports are supportive of Cosmos’ comeback but that's just how it is in international soccer.  No one’s always nice to Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Inter Milan or Bayern Munich.