Results and Timeline of the New York Cosmos Campaign

This page is created to show the progress of my campaign and the next steps. Find the campaign at
As requested by the New York Cosmos, my "New York Cosmos Campaign" is suspended as of August, 19th. While the campaign was incredibly successful, it went one or two steps to far. I have created an incredible amount of interest in businesses wanting to do business with the Cosmos. As the campaign went on, much more was possible. As a Cosmos and U.S. soccer fan, I regret that the campaign has ended, but I do respect the wish of the organization.

The campaign has proven the fact that the New York Cosmos are a U.S. soccer club with a global reach. My campaign made it through 5 continents and 16 countries. I have collected votes from 82 different cities, around the world. Remarkable is the fact that not only soccer countries in Europe and South America have participated, but I have also collected votes from India, Vietnam, U.A.E., Jordan and Congo(!). Also, posting the campaign on the website of an European top club resulted in hundreds of readers and a conversion rate of well over 30% within two days. The conversion rate overall from readers to voters is 65%.

The campaign has created the right mix of responses. The New York Cosmos are a NYC and U.S. organization and the major point was to find out if the Cosmos are "wanted" in NYC and the U.S. soccer and business world. 82% of all votes came form the U.S. and 51% of these from New York City. The overall acceptance is higher than 98%(!!). Less than 2% of all voters don't want the Cosmos in Major League Soccer (must be Red Bull fans).

The major findings out of this campaign: The New York Cosmos should proceed with their attempts to come back into American professional soccer. For Major League Soccer, the club has an incredible business potential, not only for the club itself, but also for the MLS, all the other clubs and U.S. soccer in general. The Cosmos can raise the profile of U.S. soccer and its business opportunities.

After almost a month into the campaign it is time to streamline and record my activities to one place. Since I want to inform everyone of this campaign, I will do so on this page. Please bookmark this page and feel free to come back frequently.

Today tweets and posting the campaign on LinkedIn is in the plans. Tweets from early in the morning already created hist on the campaign site.

Posting tweets is a good tools to promote the Cosmos. It is clear that two days before the game at Manchester United the interest on the internet is elevated. Promotion and coverage has clearly increased.

A post on Twitter, mentioning Lady Gaga together with the Cosmos has caught some attention. While this was a test to see what happens, I do believe that the two can melt a "cause" and support the City and the multicultural business environment.

Support of the business world is growing. Today the representative of an international steel manufacturer expressed strong interest in a business opportunity with the New York Cosmos.

During a networking event many individuals expressed their interest in the New York Cosmos. Recognition of the name and the history is high. While some don't recall the Cosmos immediately, the name "Pele" becomes the bridge for all.

Today I sent an email to get in touch with Lady Gaga. It has to be see on whether the email can reach her or her agent. I have a few other NYC celebs and will try to contact. I am looking to raise personal interest in New York City's multicultural lifestyle and the fit of the New York Cosmos into that picture.

Gayle Naftaly sent out the first newsletter to over 6,000 businesses and individuals mentioning the New York Cosmos.

Jane Bui and Conative Business, Inc. became supporters of the campaign.

Ilana Eberson, the "Queen Yenta" of business connections is supporting the group.


Met Gayle Naftaly and Mark Neuwirt from "Expos Your Business". Both decided to support the campaign.

A good mention in the Irish Examiner: How Cosmos could conquer the world

Posted the campaign on the web site of a top German Bundesliga club. Within hours I received hundreds of hits, votes and comments. The overwhelming majority is in support.


The campaign went public on my blog: Remember the Cosmos

June 2011
Informed the New york Cosmos of the campaign planned.
The Short List of Accomplishments

Budget: $12.17

With partnerships created access to 20,000 businesses and counting

Estimated Annual Revenue: $2,000,000

Opportunity for businesses and individuals to reach a local and global market with one of the most recognized carriers in U.S. sports.

A mention in the International Press.

Interest in New York City's multicultural business environment.

Created strong partnership interest with an international steel manufacturer.