R & L IT and Telecom Consultants

Network Performance --> Productivity --> $Revenue
Telecommunication - Implementation, installation, and service for all types of voice communication
  • VOIP
  • Traditional Telephony
  • Unified Communications
  • Messaging
  • Managed Services
  • (MAC's) Moves, Adds and Changes
  • Voice Line Troubleshooting and Vendor Carrier Dispatch Organization
Infrastructure - Design, installation, and maintenance solutions for all types of data infrastructure
  • CCTV, Audio, Security & Video Installation & Service
  • Network Installation and Monitoring
  • Cable Installation and Management
  • Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Technology Deployments
  • Desktop Equipment, Hardware and Software Upgrades
A better performing network does not only increase your businesses productivity. It is also increasing your performance as a decision maker and is helping your people to perform in their job. Margins in landing a job and in delivering it are tight. Any network downtime or delay in your technology is eating up on these margins.

Whether your personal laptop just crashed or you need to configure a business network, R & L IT & Telecom Consultants can help. Their team of certified technical professionals can be at your service almost immediately.

Let R & L IT & Telekom Consultants help you to move your business ahead. The company is working with small businesses and with enterprises with 1,000 or more stations and advanced technology. Tech is moving every day, don't be left behind.

Telecommunication Services:
  • Configuration of Small & Big Business Networks
  • Installation of Infrastructure
  • Connect the Dots

Reasons to look for a network installer:
  • Network downtime or an insufficient network can cost you. Not only in revenue, but also in customer service performance. Don't let your customers wait.
  • Focus on your business, let others help you with your technology.

R & L IT Consultants is a New York City business and is serving businesses and enterprises in all 5 boroughs and Long Island. Contact v@maxus1.com for more information.

Support New York City and its business world.

Reach the Consultants:
email: r_lconsultants@hotmail.com
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