Legal Industry Marketing

Much like the banking industry, the legal industry is not known for sophisticated marketing and business development campaigns. Developments in the diverse markets and technology changes over the past years have forced law firms to increase and change their efforts for marketing and new business development.

Certain markets, such as New York City, have an incredible amount of attorneys that are in a fierce fight for new business. In increasing numbers, new cases are distributed in a different way than ten years ago. While for many law firms referral business was the most lucrative business development part, and still is, for some, that source is more and more drying out. Individuals, and corporate America, these days have much more opportunity to chose a law firm or attorney they feel comfortable with and they believe is capable to represent them. Researching the market became a common task for those that need legal advice.

As a law firm or attorney, put yourself in the shoes of the individual or corporate lawyer that is seeking advice and ask yourself this question: How do they find me? What are they looking for? Keep in mind, the law firm that wins the case might not even be known by the individual seeking the advice. helps law firms and attorneys to be visible and demonstrate ability for potential clients when they need legal advice. 

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