QR Code Marketing in New York City

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QR codes can be placed on:
  •         Storefronts
  •         Websites
  •         Blogs
  •         Products
  •         Magazines
  •         Posters
  •         POP displays
  •         Digital signage
  •         Direct mail

With our application QR codes and scanning can be monitored and usage can be analyzed.
You get detailed analytics and stats about your campaign!

Engage your customers and clients. Engage your potential customers and clients and increase your business volume.


What is PromoMee?
PromoMee is a mobile platform that combines QR codes, mobile coupons, loyalty programs and viral promotion into an integrated mobile marketing program for all types of businesses.

Consumers Scratch Promo - YouTube Video

PromoMee offers retailers
PromoMee makes it really simple for any business to easily overcome the technical challenges inherent in mobile marketing and to begin promoting with QR codes on Print, FrontStore, Facebook and Digital Signage that all link to interactive promos.

QR Codes for Retailers
This cool application is run on the PromoMee platform and provides a great tool for retailers to support their branding efforts and drive business back to their stores. Take the time to look at the interview video to see a campaign in action at the 'Centre de Rénovation Patrick Morin', in Laval, Québec.

What do Retailers get?
An easy way to set up their business on the mobile space, NOW!
Retailers connect with the new generation of mobile consumers, encourage calls to action and benefit from the results of their marketing efforts.

This powerful, user friendly platform also provides extensive reporting and meaningful analytics in order to manage campaign feedback.

QR codes can be placed on:
        POP displays
        Digital signage
        Direct mail

What do consumers get?
For consumers, the PromoMee app is a QR code Scanner and Radar that enables users to:

        Scan & decode Target Business QR Codes
        Scan to collect Points
        Scan to Unlock Levels & Surprises
        Scratch Promos
        Discover pertinent deals
        Participate in Treasure Hunts
        Scan & decode directly from Promomee Facebook app
        Be rewarded for their scanning behavior
        Participate in loyalty programs
        Discover promos based on location

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